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Working with Acrylic

Updated: May 21, 2022

Acrylic paint is a versatile medium used by artists all over the world! Made in the 1950's, Acrylic is a relative newcomer to the world of painting media. Acrylic paint is made of pigment particles and a polymer binder. You don't need to add anything to acrylic paint to use it! Some artists choose to add water or other mediums to change the consistency of the paint.

A close up of an art tool box with paint tubs and a well used hand towel.

There are many advantages to painting with Acrylics! Its flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of techniques. It was designed to be like oil and watercolor. In contrast to traditional paints, acrylic paint has none of the health hazards associated with volatile solvents.

Acrylics are water-soluble, which makes cleaning up easy. A painting surface can be covered rapidly because acrylic dries fast. But beware, dried acrylic can be permanent- especially on materials like fabric! It's always a good idea to wear clothes that can get a little messy when painting.

A young artist painting pears at Priscilla and Tiffany's Art Studio.

At Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Academy, our painting classes are created in mind for our more advanced students. All our classes are designed to teach students different techniques, from beginner to advanced levels. Your young artist can join us at our studio to develop their artistic skills and explore painting too!

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