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Why Is Sketching So Important?

It is essential to understand the importance of sketching and how this technique is essential for beginners, advanced, and professional artist. In our art academy, sketching is part of one of the main foundations of drawing.

When a student starts developing their sketching skills it is important they have their sketchbook handy, as it is a chronological map for their visual understandings. In their sketchbooks they are able to include doodles, mark makings, practice exercise and even include vocabulary terms which are also essential in a child’s growth for their understanding in art.

When a child first learns about sketching they are introduced to size, color and shape. These three elements of art create visual diversity.

Student At Priscilla and Tiffany's Art Academy Drawing on Sketchbook


Involves adding several shape sizes and in order to make your design or art work more interesting as it is able to add more visuality.


Shapes are able to help you locate and add a variety of techniques to your piece of art, having you expand your ideas especially when it comes to realism.


It is one of the most inspiring ways to add life and meaning to your work and it is a fun way to make it more inspiring.

Student Sketching at Priscilla and Tiffany's Art Studio.

The 15 minutes of sketching at the beginning of our art classes are a perfect opportunity to practice working with the gesture technique. To develop and hone skills in sketching, drawing, and painting, we offer classes for children and teens. Our studio is a safe space that will give your little artist the opportunity to grow!

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