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What our members say about us

Take a look at the amazing experiences that our members have had here at our academy. Feedback like this is what motivates us to continue to serve our community by teaching cultivated Art that can establish peace and serenity in the lives of our students!

Very positive and friendly environment for kids any ages.This Art Studio is an absolute gem! Creativity grows here and kids have a blast. My daughter enjoys it so much, and have such a beautiful works after, that she can be proud of. Will for sure recommend it to any who interested in art.

Mariana Gutierrez

"Best art school in Miami! I cannot recommend this place enough. Amazing teachers and stunning studio! My daughters skills have skyrocketed, very impressed with how much she has learned. I appreciate all the staffs efforts and attention to my daughter during these rough times, this place has been a sanctuary to her. Thank you Priscilla and Tiffany’s for all the amazing work you do!!!"


Very happy with this place. My daughter likes it a lot, she has learned a lot, the people and teachers are very kind.

I dont know where to start. For sure the quality to begin with, honestly I feel the teachers and staff are great. Gaby in the reception was so patient with me when I was going to sign up my son (literally answered more than a dozen questions). She’s kind, calm and very respectful. This is my son’s third class and we are in love with it!! Super amazing and highly recommended!!

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