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Flowers in Still Life

Updated: May 21, 2022

To celebrate this spring, we have dedicated this time to teach our young artists techniques inspired by flowers. We will be covering a variety of techniques to guide our young artists in their flowers observation as we emphasize the importance of small details, like the wrinkles in the petals, as well as in the big picture composition.

A recreation of the Sunflower Oil Painting by Vincent van Gogh in Priscilla and Tiffany's Art Studio Lobby.

It is tradition in academies that artists develop their observational and composition skills through still lives. We love sharing with our young artists the importance of still lives!

These still lives are curated inanimate objects and one of our favorite ways to build a still life is through incorporating flowers.

A student from Priscilla and Tiffany's art studio drawing from a still life with sunflowers in our studio.

All throughout history, artists have been inspired by flowers and our classes are built on the importance of art history and exploration of various techniques. Your young artist can join us at our studio to develop their artistic skills too! Come join us explore the world of painting and drawing flowers.

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