Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Corp. specializes in mastering the following techniques:





Oil Paint

Mixed Media

Our students are taken through a learning process with each technique to discover and develop their own unique style.


At our studio, sketchbooks will include doodles, mark makings, practice exercises, vocabulary terms, technique examples and a combination of materials.


A student's sketchbook should be a chronological mind map of their visual understandings. Such important emphasis is made on sketchbooks because it plays a key role in each student's development as an artist. 


Charcoal is a nature derived material commonly made of charred willow. It is a highly versatile medium that has been used for hundreds of years. The rich velvety quality makes it one of the boldest and most evocative mediums. It is sold in different degrees of hardness and thickness. 


Watercolor is the most versatile medium used today. It can be used as a wash that creates a delicate tint, thick paint that resembles acrylic or oil paint and the most notable characteristic is using it on wet paper. Watercolor paints can be found in dry tablets or in little tubes that come already moistened. Special watercolor paper is used for painting, making it easier to manage for most artists. This style of painting has many unique characteristics that make it a favorite for historical and modern painters. 


Pastels are essentially chalk that has been mixed with pigment and a binding medium. It varies in hardness depending on the particular pigment and proportion of gum to chalk.


Pastels are a uniquely versatile medium used for both drawing and painting. Simply beautiful, open one of the boxed sets of pastels and you will see a rich array of colors, which seem to offer a direct invitation to the artist. 



Acrylic paint is a relative newcomer to the world of painting media. Its flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of techniques. 


Acrylics are water-soluble, which means that there are none of the health hazards associated with volatile solvents. Because the paint takes so little to dry, you can cover your painting surface rapidly. 


Oil paint is so responsive because it dries slowly, allowing for colors

to be modified and moved around on the surface of the painting.


When compared to the other medias, oil paints are the most successful at

exploring the different qualities of opacity and transparency. 


Mixed media is a commonly used term to define works of art that combine

different painting and drawing medias. Combining different media

has become a consistent feature of contemporary practice.


Mixing your media is an excellent way to revitalize your awareness

of a familiar medium and to establish new and and imaginative

interpretations of familiar themes.