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Composition in a Work of Art

Updated: Mar 26

Understand the importance of a composition in art and how to do it.

Still Life Composition Inside Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Academy

What is a composition is art? A composition is putting elements neatly together in an artwork. This may sound easy to do, but we can sure say it is not. There are three rules of composition in art: Rule of thirds, the golden ratio, and the golden triangle.

The Rule of Thirds:Its the idea that our brains tend to get excited by things that are not in the center of an image.

The Golden Ratio:It's applied to a subject when the shapes generated by the sequence are used and an underlaying structure for the alignment of the compositional elements.

The Golden Triangle: Is a composition standard that divides a composition into four right triangles. These triangles are created by first dividing the rectangle with a main line connecting opposing corners.

This month's topic is all about composition art. Our teachers have created a weekly lesson plan where our students will be following step by step with their instructors.

Here below are the weekly steps students will be following to fully understand composition in a work of art.

Week #1 - What is COMPOSITION in a work of art?

  • It's the way elements of an artwork should be arranged in order to make it

  • background

  • middleground

  • toneground

Week #2 - Types of COMPOSITIONS

  • Diagonal, Triangle, S/ curve

The anatomy of the picture is always more important than the anatomy of the subject.

Week #3 - Elements & Principles of Art

  • balance

  • harmony

  • proportion

  • space

  • line

  • value

Week #4 - Triangles

  • Using triangles, create a composition


By the end of January, our artists should be able to understand what a composition in a work of art is and how to arrange a composition. Stay tune for February's topic of the month, it will be a good one!

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