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Line of Symmetry and it's Importance in Art

What is symmetry?

Symmetry is found all around you, in everyday life, mathematics and nature. Visually, it is a harmonious balance of an image or an object.

Why is it important in art?

Creating symmetry in an artwork can evoke a sense of balance, consistency and order. To understand this technique, it is also important to understand asymmetry, the lack of order. Symmetrical balance, also known as formal balance, is perfectly achieved when visual elements are arranged on both sides of a center line in equal weight. Using this technique is also and effective way to create a focal point, draw the viewers attention to a specific area or element.

What is asymmetrical?

Symmetry can become repetitive and visually unexciting at times which is important to know when to break it using asymmetrical balance. Ironically, asymmetry is also a technique which artists can use to create balance using elements of unequal weight. Though both techniques are able to achieve this, asymmetrical balance allows the artist to play around with negative and positive space to achieve visual variety and intrigue.

Two sides of one coin

Both symmetry and asymmetry are important techniques to use and learn as a flourishing artist. They are just two of the many methods which will allow one to manipulate and create compositions which can communicate a message or tell a visual story to its viewers.

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