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Impressionism in the Studio

Impressionism lasted almost 26 years, it was developed by Claude Monet, a well know impressionist artist in the early 1860s. Former artists and artists today use impressionism in their paintings. During the month of July Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Academy will be teaching, painting and learning about impressionism, its origin, famous artists, how to be an impressionist and the type of techniques that were used in impressionism.

Inside the Studio

Still Life inside the studio

Throughout the weeks, students will be learning a new topic per week during the month of July. Same order as the past topic of the months...

Week 1 - starts with the instructors going over the history about what "IMPRESSIONISM" is, students will be taking notes.

Week 2 - Teachers go over the "ARTISTS" who did impressionism.

Week 3 - Our students will go outside and draw "NATURE" Using the colors and technique just like impressionist artists did.

Week 4 - Students will be drawing and sketching a "STILL LIFE" with only using 3 colors.

What Did They Learn?

Summer Students doing Impressionism

Towards the end of July, students learned an immense amount about Impressionism and its history, how it came to be. Students learned how they can sketch outside and make a masterpiece using 3 or less colors. They know who were the famous artists who used it and how it was created.

Not only our regular students learned about impressionism but our summer workshop students did as well, being new to art, this was the best introduction they could ever have into the art world.

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