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Color & Spring

Why is Color Important in Art?

We see color everyday, from morning to night. When we go to a museum, we see the bright yellows, oranges and the strong cerulean blue, thalo blue colors like in A Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. Then we see dark and sad colors like in Pablo Picasso's Blue Period paintings. COLOR is what sets the TONE in paintings. As artists, we use the color wheel as a guidance to understand which color complement each other best.

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Inside the Studio

During the month of April, our artists learned about the color wheel. It is extremely important that as growing artists, they fully understand what colors complement with each other. When sketching, they plan their art projects, they try out what colors can they use to paint, what type of symmetry, shadows, highlights, background and so on... What mostly matter is that they use the right colors with their art. This April, their art instructors took 15 minutes each class for 3 entire weeks to explain why COLOR is an important step when painting, sketching and drawing.

Each week they learn more, for instance:

Miss Cristina's Sketching Class

W.K1 - Color Wheel

W.K2 - Why the wash/color paper?

W.K3 - Still life/flower

What do our Artist Learn

Student working on the Pastel Technique

Towards the end of the month, our artists have a full understanding of how complementing colors, how to guide themselves with the color wheel, what kind of color you should do your wash if you are in acrylic, and if you are in the pastel technique, what kind of color paper you should pick. Not only they obtain this information, but they learn new skills that they will use later on. We take this as part of the learning experience, sooner or later we see the difference of decision making when it comes to colors, it will be more easier and understandable.

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