Established in 1991, Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Academy is the best and one of the most experienced art studios that serve the creative young minds of the Miami-Dade community. We are proud to serve as a safe space for young artists to discover and explore their passion for art. In our art studio, students are guided through the development of their technical skills and expression of their artistic voice.

Studio Rates

New Students!

When registering for our academy, the following will be charged:

We recommend that all new students sign up for a tryout class! Our teachers can evaluate the student's current skill level and recommend the best technique for the student. 

You can scroll below for price estimates or contact the front desk for a personalized recommendation.


Tuition is a recurring payment charged on a monthly basis via an automatic payment system. Art Supplies are not included when registering. Please call the front desk to inquire for pricing and purchase your material package.

Monthly Tuition


Registration Fee

First Student ...................$45.00

Second Sibling ...............$30.00

Third Sibling ...................$20.00

After attending a try out class, the registration fee will be reduced by the price of the try out class.

One Hour 
Try Out Class

A tryout class is a one hour class designed for children and teens experience the studio environment and to venture into the world of art!

5-7 years old.....................$30.00

8+ years old.....................$35.00

To learn more visit our try out page:


Group Instruction

In our group classes, our instructors work in a rotation system. Each young artist is given individual instruction unique for their artistic goals and development. We design our lessons to guide students to explore various techniques of drawing and painting. Our curriculum covers realism, abstraction, landscape, distinct art movements throughout history, influential artists- and so much more!

To learn more visit our class program page:

One Hour Group Class

Once a Week.................$180.00

Twice a Week................$255.00

Two Hour Group Class

Once a Week.................$205.00

Twice a Week................$295.00

Material Package

Our Material Packages are based around the different techniques of our course curriculum. All the materials included in our material packages are pre-approved by our teachers to ensure work quality. Purchase of Material Package must be no later than the student’s first day of class.

To learn more visit our technique page:

The Pastel, Sketching & Charcoal Techniques are three techniques taught together. These three techniques are in a single material package. The Painting Techniques of Acrylic, Oils, and Watercolor are taught separately. Each of these techniques have individual material packages.


All students at Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Academy work in Sketching Techniques. Most students begin their journey at Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Academy in Pastel, Sketching, and Charcoal. Our teachers may give the recommendation for some of our younger artists to start in Watercolor and Sketching techniques together. 

Please call the front desk to inquire for pricing and purchase your material package.


Private Instruction

Our faculty guides each student with individualized expert art instruction. Each student will be guided through new artistic techniques based on their interests and skill level. 

To learn more visit our private class page:

One Hour Individual Class

Private Class.....$80.00 per class Portfolio Class...$80.00 per class