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What is Still Life Art?

Still Life is a visual art genre of when inanimate objects become rearranged together to become art. It's a painting that features every day objects. It could be a painting of fruits, books, flowers, and more!

In the art class, the instructor will most likely arrange the composition for you. When working on your own projects, you have full control to create what you see!

But why is Still Life art important?

Still life subjects are readily available at any time and provides unparalleled learning opportunities to painters. Still life allows more time for observation than any other genre. The more you look, the more you see. You become the master of your composition!

Our art studio encourages students to learn about different genres like still life. When we prepare our classes for still life sketches, our entire studio is propped with inanimate objects in every corner! We use fabrics, flowers, figurines to ensure that students are constantly inspired by what they see in our studio!

Priscilla & Tiffany's student working on Still Life Art

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