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What is Pop Art?

It's all about the bright colors and trendy media. Artists like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein among other artists worked on Pop Art. Andy Warhol was recognized as the "king" of Pop Art, after his Campbell's Soup cans went viral. He became more popular after his Coca-Cola bottles and other art he released during the 60s.

Our studio in the month of August learned about the popular culture in Pop Art, doing a research about what is popular. Our art instructors did research and decided to introduce Andy Warhol and his masterpieces.

Pop Art Still Life at Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Academy

Inside the Studio

Throughout the weeks students will learn about:

WEEK 1: What is Pop Art?

WEEK 2: Lets Sketch!

WEEK3: Background

*Each week has instructions

Towards the end of the month students should be fully capable of understanding the concept of Pop Art, How to sketch, Who started it...

Our studio is beyond proud of how our students participated in this month's topic about Pop Art, we saw the great influence Andy Warhol and his work did to them as they learned. We believe that the more we expand their creativity about art itself the more inspired they get every time they come to our magical and artistic studio.

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