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What is perspective?

Ever wonder how artists are able to depict 3-D (depth and space) on a 2-D (flat) space? Through perspective!

Perspective is a technique which allows the artwork to seem like it has form and distance.

To further understand this technique, it is important to know a bit of the terminology.

Vanishing point is the point which is supposed to appear furthest from the viewer.

Horizon line is the line placed across the canvas which represents the viewer's eye level.

To create one point perspective, one vanishing point is placed on the horizon line. For example, if you are standing in the middle of an empty road and look straight ahead, you would be able to see how the road seems to get thinner and objects smaller.

While two point perspective uses two vanishing points.

This method would be used to show the corner of a building for instance.

Our instructors provide simple and practical lessons which allow our kids to comprehend the way our eyes view the world and how they can transfer this to their canvas or paper.

By learning the fundamental principles of art and developing perspective, our young artists are able to recognize how to create the illusion of depth and space. Through practicing and mastering this technique, they will be able to make their works of art seem more realistic.

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