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What is Form & Modeling?

Updated: May 21, 2022

Form is what comes from all the small decisions an artist makes to describe how an object is represented. It means something different in sculpture and in two dimensional art. When describing a sculpture, form can refer to its overall physical nature. When describing a drawing or a painting, form can refer its shape through other art elements.

Form can be described through the technique modeling. In drawing, an artist modeling is created by the gradations of value. When it comes to two dimensional art, we are creating the illusion of length, width, and height. The subject of the art piece will go from feeling flat to more dimensional. Some people will call this "popping off the page."

Through learning about the element of form and technique of modeling, our young artists further develop their observational drawing skills. The 15 minutes of sketching at the beginning of our art classes are a perfect opportunity to practice these skills and gain intellect of how to form and model their art work.

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