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Ways We Use Geometric Shapes in Art

As artists we have always been fascinated by geometric shapes, finding creative ways to incorporate them into our masterpieces. There's many ways that we utilize geometric shapes. In the month of September, our artists learned how IMPORTANT geometric shapes were. Our art instructors used their time of sketching to explain how with TWO simple shapes they can sketch a vase.

Inside the Studio

Our art instructors designed the month of September to be specifically focused on shapes. From start to finish they were able to do a still life, that was assigned for each class.

WEEK 1: Each class was taught about the importance of geometry in art. When planning a painting, artists have to sketch their idea, this way they learn what proportions they will need to use, colors, dimensions...

WEEK2: Our students were able to start sketching a simple vase with their art instructor, step by step. This way, they will have some type of guidance when preparing for their final sketching of a still life that they will be doing alone.

WEEK 3: This week , they started to add some color into the sketching, as they did a different still life with their art instructor.

WEEK 4: Final week, students were on their own this time. Our art instructors do this to see if our students have made any progress throughout the month.

The month of September was filled with shapes, colors, leaves, and most importantly LEARNING. As we saw their sketches at the end of the month, we were impressed of the progress they made.

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