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The Importance of Art Installations and Perception

What is installation art?

Installation art is an artistic genre consisting of three-dimensional works mainly made up of mixed media which are designed to transform the perception of space.

These kinds of works are also called environments because of their all-encompassing effect. Some occupy an entire room or gallery area while others can only be viewed from a doorway or at the center or corner of a room.

Where did installation art come from?

The origins of installation art derive from conceptual art which traces back to famous artists such as Marcel Duchamp. Dada exhibitions held assemblage art which sometimes filled entire rooms. Some may argue that Installation art would date back to 1957 where environments emerged by artists such as Allan Kaprow or Kurt Schwitter's, who made installations throughout several rooms in his own house.

Our fall installation

We are celebrating this wonderful incoming season by honoring it inside our very own studio through installation art. As the leaves change color and we enter the last four months of the year, we are reminded to shed the unnecessary and embrace the changes to come!

Our installation is created with mixed media, such as acrylic, cardboard, paper and netting. Come visit our lively studio to take a look!

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