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The Blue Period by Picasso

Picasso's most memorable pieces are those painted in blue tints and tones, his use of the monochromatic technique in various shades of the cold primary exude a somber and psychological depression.“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions" [Picasso]The start of this period began when Picasso was faced with the loss of a loved one, leading him to paint in traumatic hues and using doleful subjects. During this time Picasso allowed himself to explore and grant his subjects to escape their reality, his reality, and his loss. The compositions and melancholy nature defined him as a modern artist. The emotional turmoil and vulnerability of these compositions allow the viewer to feel the release of tension through the pieces. Aside from the tonality and colors, Picasso's work features soft lines and edges creating a graciousness amongst the blues and grey.

In a similar way young artists are able to express these unconscious sentiments, and while providing a safe space and mentoring to do so, our studio will allow your child thrive and grow!

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