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Journey into our program for the month of August!

Week 1: Vine Charcoal

Vine charcoal is one of the most ancient drawing materials, dating back to the lascaux cave paintings. This medium is useful for exploring light and contrast. Developing tonal value is one of the most fundamental concepts in visual art, it can be used to create depth and 3-D effects. Learning how to master this versatile tool is the key to creating realistic drawings.

Week 2: Pastels

Pastel is a medium between painting and drawing. The finished piece will look similar to a painting yet the techniques used are similar to drawing. What makes this medium such a multifaceted tool are its forms. There are four kinds, hard pastels, soft pastels, pastel pencils and oil pastels. Pastels are easily bendable and can create seamless transitions in color. When handled correctly, pastel drawings and paintings can last a as long as any other medium and can even last for centuries.

Week 3: Acrylic

What makes acrylic paint so adaptable? It is water soluble! When wet, it is malleable and feels similar to plastic when dry. Since this paint dries quickly, it is the perfect medium for artists to layer and paint over. Acrylic paint is also the perfect transitional paint for artists because it can act both as oil and watercolor paint. Watering down or using liquid acrylic in ink form can act as watercolors would. To act as oil, there are mediums which can be mixed in to thicken and slow down the drying time. Acrylic paint could be used even for mixed media due to its plastic consistency!

Week 4: Oil

Oil paint is the classical medium used for fine art dated back to 13th century England. Oil is one of the slower drying paints. Learning how to use oil paints is considered essential for anyone studying fine arts. This medium is known for its rich and vibrant colors as well as its hardwearing properties. Oil paintings can be left out in the open for several weeks which allows artists to work on the painting without fear of it drying too early.

Week 5: Meditation

There are many studies behind why meditation is an effective way to reduce stress and increase mindfulness. There are various methods of meditation but here at the academy we guide our artists to invite awareness to their breath and senses, particularly sound. We provide instruments which they use throughout the meditation, along with the rhythmic hum of our sound bowl. Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Academy prides itself in creating a safe environment where our students can leave their stresses at the door and focus on learning the wonderful practice of art making.

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