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Experimenting with Collage

This month our students are working with collage! Collage is a way of making art by arranging different materials and gluing them onto another surface. Many collage artists use recycled materials like scrap paper and fabric and may also include drawing or painting too! A very popular choice of material is using newsprint cutouts and parts of photographs from magazines.

Young artist preparing glue for their collage.

These artworks can explore a story or can just be explore what looks nice. Collage is a fun way to practice creativity and make a unique piece full of texture! Arranging these different materials are a wonderful way to explore different compositions. Every artists will approach making a collage in a different way. Most collages are one of a kind!

Young artist gluing a newsprint cutout into their sketchbook.

The teachers of Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Academy guide our young artists through exploring a variety of mediums, exciting new techniques and art history to inspire their creativity. Your young artist can explore their creative passions and develop their art skills in our studio too!

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