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Creating an Art Installation!

What exactly is an art installation?

An art installation can be closely defined as a three dimensional piece of artwork that is designed to both transform the space in which it is created in and inspire those who view it. These artists often merge the environment (the room the art will be placed in) into their art in order to differentiate their work from other forms of art such as a two dimensional canvas on a wall.

This form of art is generally seen indoors for the reason that outdoor art installations are typically known as public art. Art installations can be either permanent or temporary and can include things such as everyday objects, fabrics, or even music!

Here at Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Studio, our teachers and students were inspired to gather together and create their very own art installation using all sorts of colors and art materials from around the studio!

Here is a little sneak peak of the behind the scenes process that took place in order to create our enchanting art installation!

Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Studio teachers and students create an art installation inside the studio.

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