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Colors Are Everywhere!

When creating a design or drawing something new, the colors you choose to use are very important. It's very helpful to understand how to use colors to create or design something vibrant by the selection of your colors!

What are primary colors?

The colors cannot created by being mixed in other colors, and those colors are red, yellow, and blue.

However, secondary colors are produced by being mixed by primary colors. Colors that can be created by being mixed by primary colors are green, purple, and orange.

How can I know what colors to use together?

Complimentary colors are directly opposite of each other on the color wheel. When a set of complimentary colors are placed next to each other, they create the strongest contrast!

When a set of complement colors are mixed together, they will make a neutral brown or gray that can be used as a new color.

Colors displayed in Priscilla & Tiffany's Studio

Here at Priscilla & Tiffany's, students are learning about these important colors to help them understand how to mix and compliment colors. Our instructors are ensuring that the students are grasping their knowledge on colors by drawing and painting on their sketchbooks.

Be creative to notice the colors around you! What colors do you see the most in your surroundings? What colors do you see together often? These are the kinds of questions we are asking our students in class today!

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