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Benefits of Art Making for Teens

Becoming an artist is a life long journey. Art making gives young artists an opportunity to express themselves. Self expression is important during development as a kid and teen. Beyond building technical artistic skills and furthering their creativity, teens can work through a their thoughts and feelings as well as build their communication skills. This can also further develop their self-advocacy, self-confidence and self-esteem.

According to Arts Education and Positive Youth Development, there are differences between kids who study art and those who do not. In comparison to kids that did not do art, young artists reported to have a better vocaubulary. It is also possible that those who study arts more engaged in school. Visual arts students reported more school attachment when compared to non-arts students.

Creating a visual art works and studying art can give teens a feeling of purpose and identity. For teens, art classes can be a safe space in a time of their life that can feel very confusing and overwhelming. Art can be opportunity for a teen to feel seen, heard, or understood.

At Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Academy, each student receives individualized expert art instruction based on each teen's needs, interests and skill level. In our wide range of teen art classes, each student masters their artistic techniques is guided as their artistic voice develops and is fully expressed.

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