Every member of our teaching faculty is an accomplished Fine Artist with an extensive resume; including degrees in Fine Arts and experience exhibiting their personal art.  

Our faculty's vast knowledge and experience will lay the foundation for each student to develop their own personal styles. Aside from the technical aspects of art, we teach 

students how to analyze art and how to develop their own creativity. Applying original ideas to the basic principals of art is an essential step to becoming a successful artist.

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Roseli Pena

The artist that started it all


Founder and Art Director, Roseli Peña is recognized for her extensive training and knowledge in a vast array of techniques and specialties. Roseli began formal training at a young age and continued on to pursue her artistic passion earning multiple degrees including Fine Arts, Art History, and Interior Design. Her personal and professional devotion to the world of art ignited her desire to build a foundation where artist of all kind in our community can expand their creativity.


 " Art is the song of my heart."

         By Roseli Pena


The Art Instructors

Ms. Silvia Teixeira

Mr.John F. Kelly


Born in Caracas, Venezuela and raised in Long Island, New York, Silvia develop a unique love for art that would never leave her side. In her community at an early age, Silvia was an active member of Latin Satin, a non profit organization that visited children's hospitals and entertained  kids with latin culture dances. In school she was involved in the Spanish, Art and Drama Club. After graduating high school as the Senior Artist of the Year, Silvia moved to Miami, Florida  to study Fine Arts. In 2008 Silvia Teixeira received her bachelor's degree in visual arts and entertainment from Ai Miami International University of Art and Design. Her studies concentrated in drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. Her love for different cultures took Silvia to China, among other countries, where she experienced raw and pure traditions. In Miami, Silvia is an active contemporary artist who has worked in murals and sand castle competitions to promote the arts and assisted artist Spencer Tunick in a special photography art instillation for the Sagamore Hotel. Silvia enjoys being a mentor to children and adults and is currently an Art Instructor at Priscilla & Tiffany's Art Corp."Art has given me the chance to speak my emotions soundless. My work speaks of me, every experience, life changes, success and failures. What the world around us makes of ourselves and not what we make of it" - Silvia A. Teixeira

Born in the city of Miami Beach in 1967 and  educated and raised in Venezuela, Jomar's passion for the arts began at an early age. During his childhood his first drawings reveal the artist born within him, demonstrating his versatility  in many different artistic mediums. To further develop his talent and creativity, Jomar Higuerey attended art school in 1988 where he excelled as a graphic designer and received significant influences on his work. In 1999 his interest in photography led him to pursue further studies. In 2006 he began to share his knowledge in a prestigious art academy demonstrating his role as guardian. In 2009 he traveled to Europe where he studied and explored new techniques in the College of Fine Arts in Rome. On his journey, he discovered the art of collage and the world of puppetry. Currently located in Miami, Jomar is in his full artistic maturity, painting and developing new art projects.

John Kelly was born in Philadelphia where he has been drawing and painting ever since a young age. Ironically, John failed art from 3rd to 6th grade, but that did not discourage him. He continued his studies at Miami Dade College and Florida International University where he was able to further develop his bohemian and impressionist style. John has a great appreciation of what is simple yet beautiful in life and nature, with much love and dedication to art. He was able to further express his skills by becoming a tattoo artist. John has worked on several murals in Key West where he also painted a large taxidermy. He has also been involved in a variety of Art shows such as “Off Beat” and in a painting-life theater where he performed an impromptu. John Kelly has been an art instructor at Priscilla & Tiffany’s Art Corp. for nine years where he has taught a variety of techniques and styles. He has inspired many of his students with his work, leaving an imprint on them that they will hold forever. Director, Roseli Peña, believes that John Kelly has a very extraordinary talent in teaching Art; his personality, experience, and talent is reflected in his teachings and work, making him a special contribution to the academy.

Mr.Jomar Higuerey

Ms. Barbara Pecorelli

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Barbara discovered her great passion for art at age of 3 years old when she first saw her mother sitting in the kitchen table painting sunflowers on old T-shirts. After that day, she experienced the great value of art and which caused her to pursue a path in the art field. She grew up going for extracurricular art classes until she graduated from high school. From there, she decided to go to school in Caracas for Business and Administrations for Graphic Design Industries, after 4 years of study, the country Venezuela began having many riots and strikes making it impossible for her to continue her studies. This situation influenced the decision to leave the country and travel to Italy where she had the opportunity to study painting. After a year she moved to Miami, FL where she finally pursued her true passion to become an artist. Barbara got her BFA in AI Miami International University of Art and Design where she discovered her great talent for sculpting, illustrating while perfecting her skills in painting, digital art and design, photography and drawing. Barbara hopes to continue her studies for a Master in Fine Arts in the near future where her final goal is to teach at a university level.

Ms.Lorena Barreneche

Lorena’s artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Subjects like GMOs (genetically modified organisms), animal rights, media corruption, beauty products toxicity and plastic surgery are very common. Although the subjects are very strong there is always sweetness, humor and hope. There is a feeling of “sweet and sour”. Unusual color combinations or juxtaposed objects also create this contradicting feeling.While she uses a variety of materials and processes in each project her concept is consistent. Although there may not always be material similarities between the different projects they are linked by recurring formal concerns and through the subject matter. The subject matter of each work determines the materials and the forms of the work.

Inspiration comes from videos, news, stand-up comedy, and current feelings. In digital art and paintings the backgrounds are very plain and a lot of attention is created to the main focus. She loves simplicity. Hyperbole's, symbolism, sweetness and humor are usually present.  Lorena is an artist that wants to create awareness, impact communities and make people see life different. A life with a lot of possibilities thanks to creativity.

Ms.Nicole Rivero

Ms. Nicole first began at Priscilla & Tiffany’s Art Corp. at the age of six and has continued to be a student with us for many years after. She has always has a love for art since she first learned how to hold a pencil or crayon. Here at Priscilla & Tiffany’s she learned many different techniques and began to develop and enhance her creative skills. During her last two years of high school she was in the Art Honor Society. Ms. Nicole has participated in each of Priscilla & Tiffany’s annual exhibitions for 13 years. Once graduating high school with second honors, Nicole Rivero was inspired to grow in the world of art. She decided to take her talent and passion for art professionally. Nicole prepared her portfolio at Priscilla & Tiffany’s Art Corp. so that she can be accepted at New World School of the Arts College.  Since being accepted into NWSA College, she has been a part of many art shows and exhibitions including one called No Rule Rule and the graduating class senior showcase called No Signal: A Commentary on Human Existence that was exhibited in Cifo Gallery. She graduated with her Bachelors in Fine Arts Degree from New World School of the Arts College and has since then traveled to many places around the world seeking inspiration for her work. Ms. Nicole believes that traveling opens your mind to new knowledge and one can learn so much from the places they visit. She now shares her travels with the students to inspire them to keep creating and to look for inspiration everywhere they go. Everything she has learned in college and in her travels, she shares with the students so they may receive an excellent art education as well as grow exponentially in their artistic skills.

Ms.Cristina Mondragon 

Born and raised in Miami, Cristina Mondragon cannot recall a time she was not creating art. Ms. Cristina stated, “I’m just a kid that never grew up. I am a self-taught artist but my family is crafty and very supportive, that I am grateful for.” The oldest of eight she has been producing art her whole life, always working hard whether it be in the class or at home. It wasn’t until her senior year of high school that she finally made the choice to study Visual Arts at Miami International University of Art & Design. She wasted no time in enrolling and began pursuing her bachelor’s degree. Once in college she discovered a love for other mediums such as pastels, oils, acrylics and ceramics. She enters every new lesson with the dedication to perfect the techniques of each medium. Her work has developed from black and white drawings of animals and still lives to new experimentation of traditional techniques. She is continuously exploring and evolving her personal style. Her style is versatile ranging from realism and mural making to cartoon illustrations and body painting. Cristina is always on the go with her art making whether it is in the studio, freelance work or performing at live painting at events in Miami. She is enthusiastic to apply all that she has learned throughout her years of art education at Priscilla & Tiffany’s. She feels as though she finally has found the perfect space where she can cultivate the artistic abilities of young artist as well as her own. She hopes to keep working with kids, building and growing as an artist.

Ms. Victoria Miessler

Victoria Miessler, also known as Viki, is a Miami based fine artist. She was born and raised in Miami, but both of her parents are from Brazil and most of her family is there. She also grew up speaking Portuguese, so she feels a strong connection to the Brazilian culture with a lot of love for it. Viki has been making art her whole life, with a complete range of mediums starting with lipstick on her parents furniture to oil and acrylic paint on canvas. She has also worked with ceramics, screen printing on fabrics and arts and crafts, making jewelry with crystals and wire wrapping. The content of Viki's art mostly consists of nature and femininity. When you look at her art you will see a plenty of endangered animal species, plants, flowers and the female form. Viki's mission in art is to use her artistic abilities at full potential to assist all of her viewers in remembering the inner wisdom of their hearts and soul connection to Mother Earth. On her free time she loves to create art and also practices yoga. Growing up, Viki has always felt a deep connection to spirituality. When she started doing yoga, that connection grew even stronger. Yoga became a permanent part of her life, just like art. She realized that doing it made her more creative and inspired. This is because yoga is something that helps her live more in the present moment of life, and less in her thoughts. Yoga is an exercise, but its not just for the body, it’s also for the mind, the spirit and the soul. Now a days Viki has been adding hints of yoga into her new artwork. Viki's dream is to use her merchandise to practice philanthropy. She plans to donate over 50% of everything she makes with her art to several non-profit organizations such as World Wildlife Fund and Planned Parenthood. As an artist, Viki does not limit herself to a specific style or medium. Constantly growing and expanding, forever like a child, she delves into her creative manifestations with curiosity, audacity and a loving purpose.  

Ms. Juliana Barrios

Juliana Barrios explores how all living things are connected through the environment, by creating vibrantly imagined gardens out of monotype prints. Her work serves as a reawakening of the senses in order to reminder society to appreciate what is around them, and realize the inevitable interconnectivity between humans and nature. She gardens uncontrolled and unlimited expansion is representative of all life due to the fact that both society andnature continues to grow simultaneously. Humans and nature are naturally interrelated due to the fact that the environment serves as a way for people to go into nature and liberate their senses while relieving themselves of the daily hustle and bustle. Being fascinated by the intricate and uncontrolled depiction of nature in the famous Rococo painting, the Swing by Fragonard, she displays an untamed nature in her own prints, through the use of vibrant color and curvilinear and arabesque lines. 

She creates a harmonious garden by forming a continuous thread through several layered prints. Through  the visual connectivity of the roots, the viewer can then follow the path of the plants in order to visualize the spiral forms and the detailed imprint of the plants. The world around us, in the 21st century, is filled with so much chaos and turmoil, she work is a respite, a harmonious flowing garden that engulfs the senses. A place to rest, if only for a moment.











Ms. Gabriella Samper

Stephanie Rubi is a vibrant soul. She explores the world around her with a creative set of eyes.  Stephanie is a sculptor therefore she is always discovering ways to make beautiful new things out of unconventional items.  She discovered the healing power of art making once she began creating sculptures.

Now as an adult she is pursuing art therapy at a collegiate level, striving to complete a masters degree. Art has given her the freedom and courage to allow her narrative to take 3D form. Stephanie's goal is empower others around her. Through art education she aspires to encourage young creative's to inquiry about the world around them and innovate new solutions. 


Gabriella Samper was born in Miami, FL. Her passion for art started in middle school when she took a class of ceramics. She became quickly engaged with the process of sculpting and expressed her inner artistic passion. She became inspired by the beauty of art and enhanced her ability to practice her talents. Once she entered high school, she took an AICE Photography class, in which she used photoshop and online softwares that consisted of animation design and virtual art. She designed and animated different photographies. Ever since, she’s grown an intense passion for virtual design and aspires to graduate with a Computer Science Masters degree. With that degree she will continue to embrace her inner artistry and express herself through virtual art and online animations. She is currently working towards her degree in Computer Science. Gabriella wishes to work with famous art animations in the future and grow in the field. She wants to make sure that our beautiful art stays alive in our society of innovative technology. 

Ms. Stephanie Rubi

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