Frequently Asked Questions 

You can visit the front desk at our studio if you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to call us at (305) 256-3060 for more information so we can better assist you!

Can my young artist start in the Acrylic or Oil technique?

Most students begin their time in the academy in the Pastel, Sketching & Charcoal technique. If your young artist is more advanced, we recommend that you sign up for a tryout class. Our teachers can evaluate their current skill level and recommend what's best for them. 

Do you have classes available for adults?

Due to limited capacity, we are currently only offering classes for ages 5-18 at this time.

What is a Mixed-Media Class?

Mixed-Media means that there are students in different techniques in the class. Individual students work at their own pace on their projects. Some students will be working in Pastel while some will be painting in Acrylic or Oil.

How long does a material package last?

It depends on how the young artist uses and takes care of their materials. Some of the materials can last a life-time and some materials will eventually need to be replaced. If a student needs additional materials, they can purchase them in our store.

My child is not feeling well and can't make it to class.

To protect the health of other students in our academy and our employees, please let the front desk know as soon as possible if your child is feeling ill.


We will make up any classes missed due to symptoms of COVID-19. 

Can I change to a different class?

Class changes are subject to capacity availability. You can contact the front desk to register for a different class.

My child can't come to class. Can I be refunded the class missed?

We can not offer refunds. If for any reason your child cannot attend their class, such as vacations or school conflicts, please advice the front desk in advance so we can best assist you.

My family is going on Vacation. Can I pause payments?

The studio can not pause or hold payments. According to the procedures and policies contract, tuition payments are monthly. If you see that you will not be able to attend classes for a long period, contact the front desk so we can best advise you.

Why do I have to cancel 30 days in advance?

Our automatic payment system requires it. It allows us to notify teachers to ensure that students are able to complete their projects.

Should I sign up for a private class or a group class?

We recommend that you sign up for a tryout class so our teachers can evaluate and recommend what's best for the student. At this time, we offer seasonal private classes for portfolio development. Availability for private classes varies. You can contact the front desk for a personalized recommendation!

Can I go in the studio with my child?

Only students and Pricilla & Tiffany's faculty are allowed in the studio. If you would like to see more of our studio, feel free to check out our instagram @ptartacademy

How long will my child work in each technique?

The classes are individualized to the student and depend on how the young artist works. Some students work quickly and some students take their time. On average, students will stay in each technique for about 6-8 months.

Can we use other materials beyond material packages?

We can not allow outside materials in our studio due to health hazard guidelines. All the materials included in our material packages are pre approved by our teachers to ensure work quality. 

My child may have been exposed to COVID-19 or is positive for COVID-19.

Thank you for your honesty and participation in helping us successfully continue to create a safe environment in our studio!

Please visit our page regarding our COVID-19 policies.

Why can't I schedule a makeup for classes missed of non-emergency?

We can only guarantee the days and times of the classes that the student is registered for. Our studio policy states, that beyond school and medical emergencies, makeup classes are not available. School conflict makeups are subject to capacity availability.

Can I get a make-up class for a federal holiday?

According to our studio policy, we can not offer make ups or price reductions for federal holidays. 

How do I cancel?

We are sorry to see you go! Please let us know if there is anything we can do. In order to cancel, it is required that the parent or guardian who is registered for the auto payments must sign the cancellation form in person at the academy 30 days in advance. You may ask for the form at the front desk. 

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"I totally recommend this place, my daughter has been improving a lot since she started attending her art classes here and also learning about famous artists while doing the class."